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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  November 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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won the fight to open a vegas-style casino in prince george's county. >> we're going to show two spots in california where voters may not have minded waiting to cast their ballots. good morning to you, washington. i'm cynne simpson. >> and i'm steve chenevey. let's move on to the snowfall. here's jacqui jeras with our forecast. >> don't get too excited, guys. we should see snakes today, and i'm not talking about the two of you. it's not going to amount to a whole heck of a lot. weather headlines today, yes, the first ones of the season are expected to be seen, probably not so much this morning, although a few could mix in with light rains to our east. better chance by this evening and overnight. cloudy and windy and cold will be the rules of the day today, but we get through the coastal storm, and it's going to be warmer by the weekend. it will be oh, so much better. in the meantime, we've got 41 degrees at reagan national. there you can see the moisture on the delmarva, into the eastern shore, trying to sneak over into western parts. temperatures are going to stay pretty steady today, in the
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upper 30's to lower 40's. best chance of getting the light precip will be later on today. a little bit on the grassy areas maybe, but the roads should be fine, and hopefully the roads are fine, too. let's check on traffic this morning. hey, jamee. >> good morning. yes, on the drive, we like that. around the beltway maryland, virginia, travel lanes are open. interstate 95 out of dale city through to the beltway, not too much of any delays. the number of cars on the increase. the reason why we're not seeing a backup is because everybody's jammed passing stafford from a crash in dumfries. northbound 895 plan for extra time or head over to route 1. other problem that we're dealing with in maryland is going to be on 210 indian head highway northbound headed toward the beltway. police still with that incident. cynne, steve back to you. >> america votes for another four years with president barack obama in the white house. the president's re-election coming despite no official totals yet from the state of
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florida. >> the votes were being cast late into the night, so they're still counting the ballots. at this point, obama finished with just under 100 electoral votes more than romney. the president had a slight edge in the popular vote. crowds gathered at the white house after the media declared obama the election winner. our brianne carter there live this morning with more on the president's big win. brianne? >> cynne and steve everybody had been saying for weeks that all eyes would be on ohio and virginia and last night they were. they watched the numbers coming in early as the beginning states started to report their numbers. everything went as people thought it would. and then it came down to key battleground states. and as those numbers started to come in, it seemed as though the president nearly swept all of those key battleground states including virginia and ohio. that is when the crowd there in chicago erupted with chants and cheers. people there saying it was an electric feeling as those numbers started to come in. well, it was a much different tone for mitt romney's campaign
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in massachusetts last night, as they started to see the numbers come in as well. take a listen to both sides, as they spoke to supporters just a few hours ago. >> we remain more than a collection of red space and -- red states and blue states. we are forever the united states of america, and together, with your help and god's grace, we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. thank you, america. god bless you. >> i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader and so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. thank you, and god bless america. you guys were the best. >> and you can hear there from both of those candidates speaking at their victory
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parties, the president will now be back here for four more years. now, when talking about moving forward, he said he is more determined and more inspired to get back to work on those key issues talking about the economy and getting people back to work. he also talked a lot about bipartisanship. part of that, he said, he would like to sit down with mitt romney in the coming weeks. the president is expected to return from chicago back here to washington later this afternoon. reporting live outside the white house, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> brianne, thanks so much. results just in from minnesota now concerning one-time presidential hopeful michele bachmann. let's check in with jummy. >> just within the past couple of minutes, the associated press reporting that they are projecting that michele bachmann will win the sixth district of minnesota, defeating her democratic challenger jim graves. her campaign also posting this on twitter just a couple of minutes ago, saying she's humbled and honorable oured to be re-elected. but this was a race that many
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people went to bed not knowing what would happen. it was very deadlocked in the overnight hours, but we know that her lead widened overnight from 1,000 votes to about 3,700 votes, but it's still so very close that we're hearing a lot of reports out of minnesota this morning that there will be some sort of recount in this race even though many outlets, including the associated press, are calling bachmann as the winner. jim graves say he will also try to get a recount in this race. right now, neither party is really saying whether or not they're going to concede -- rather the graves party they're they're not going to concede. but the associated press is reporting bachmann has won. both parties are going to make a statement later on this morning regarding the outcome of this race. we are keeping a close eye on this race out of minnesota. back to you. >> jummy thanks. let's go now to virginia, where democrat tim kaine is waking up with the title senator-elect. he received more than 50% of
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the vote in his battle against republican george allen. shortly after this race was called in his favor, kaine spoke to his supporters in richmond. >> tonight proves that it's the number of people who stand with you, not 9 number of zeroes behind the -- not the number of zeroes behind the check that decide elections in the united states of america. >> we honestly and vigorously advocated our principles and offered a clear vision for the future. we sought to reinvigorate the spirit of our country. >> the former governors fought a costly battle for the seat now held by retiring democrat, jim we results in maryland now, voters said yes to ballot question six. >> the measure approving same-sex marriage passed with 52% of the vote. ballot question seven, the measure to expand gambling also passed with 52% of the vote. john gonzalez continues our vote 2012 team coverage live from national harbor this morning. john? >> steve and cynne, this was
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not an election year for governor martin o'malley here in maryland, but he's probably waking up this morning feeling like it was, a major victory for the governor and, of course, those who supported question four, six, and seven. all three won yesterday. i got to tell you, two of these races were very close, even though opponents of same-sex marriage collected three times the amount of signatures they needed in a petition earlier this year to put this referendum on the ballot yesterday. question six wins with a slight margin. the associated press reporting 52% to 48%. the vote means of course, same-sex marriages can begin next year. it goes into effect january 1. >> it is a complete seachange, where we have been losing these for years, we're finally seeing the tide turning and it makes us incredibly optimistic for the future. >> and as for question seven of course, millions of dollars were spent in advertising for
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and against the expansion of gambling. that passed as well. as you can imagine, the celebration ran late here at the national harbor, which included fireworks. maryland will get a new casino. all indications aim toward an m.g.m. grand resort here in prince george's county opening up in 2016. the vote also means the addition of table games, like roulette and blackjack. those can start as early as next year. question four, the dream act, won a bit more convincingly last night. this means the children of undocumented workers with now pay in-state few sandigs go to college. by popular vote, maryland becomes the first state in the country to pass the dream act. live at the national harbor this morning, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. 6:08 right now. it's just 39 degrees. still ahead on "good morning washington" -- women take over new hampshire. >> up next, a legal showdown looms after the rocky mountain state becomes the first in the nation to legalize marijuana.
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>> we provide education and training, health and wellness, and social justice advocacy. check us out at >> good morning, washington! >> good morning to you, washington. it's 6:11 right now. a showdown brewing between the federal government and colorado and washington state. >> voters in those two states approved ballot initiatives last night legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. they regulate the production,
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possession, and distribution of the drug. federal law still says marijuana is illegal, prompting colorado's governor to issue a statement saying in part, and quoting here "don't break out the cheetos too quickly." students can enjoy a little time off. >> yeah, coolidge high school in the district is closed today. the building doesn't have any heat. so, again, coolidge high school closed for today. >> and they're going to need that heat, because it's in the 30's this morning. here's jacqui with a look at our forecast. >> very chilly start. a wet start for a few folks. the coastal core we've been advertising bringing wet weather along the delmarva, over toward st. mary's. but what you're seeing there, down into parts of virginia, i think for the most part, that's probably not reaching the ground. so a little sprinkle a little mist will be possible, but the real precip, i think, will come in later on today. there you can see our coastal storm, which is stretching out
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now and going to start to impact much of the northeast throughout the day today. i think that's why the brunt of this is going to be hitting. the winter weather advisory from baltimore on northward in the purple with a winter storm warning for philadelphia f. you're traveling today, more than 700 flights have been cancelled in the northeast, so make sure you call ahead to your carrier to get the latest on your flight. it's northeast and it's going to have an impact for travel today. the nation's midsection, everything looking good. dallas today, oh, 78 degrees. wouldn't that be nice? around here, though, cloudy and breezy with light rain and snow mainly to the east of the metro area. but i do think we'll get some here especially by this evening. our temperatures pretty steady all day, between 38 and 43 degrees. more on the coastal storm and a nice warm-up in the seven-day forecast. tell about you that in just a little bit. but first, back to steve and cynne. >> thank you so much. it's 6:13 right now, 39 chilly degrees. coming up -- the nor'easter leads to more air traffic troubles.
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>> plus we're going to check on some of the places hit hard by sandy are bracing for another impact.
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>> 6:16 right now. this morning, after election day, if you're wondering how the country is responding to the elections last night, we're starting to get our first look at newspaper headlines. >> jummy is monitoring them from the live desk. >> just picked up our stack of newspapers here in the abc 7 newsroom. we'll start off with "the washington post," a second term, you see the first family there on the front of this one. we'll go next to the "usa today" paper "obama triumphs," also a picture on the front page of the first family. "wall street journal," "obama wins," although by the time they went to print, they don't
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have the updated number of the electoral college there. "new york times" also has "obama's night" with a picture of the president on the front. and then this one is interesting. "the new york post" apparently wasn't paying attention before they went to print, and they have 007 on their cover as well as "hung jury," st. john's murder trial. luckily for the "new york post," they have updated their web version this morning "barack 4 more," just didn't make the front page of the paper this morning. sin sandee steve, back to you. >> quick turnaround there. we'll see more throughout the morning, as the recover continues from hurricane, people in new york and new jersey have to brace for another storm. >> the dedicated coastline is expected to bring winds, coastal flooding, even snow. >> we could have some snow on the ground and certainly some snow on the trees. that makes trees who already have their base flooded more likely to fall over.
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>> just when i thought i was going to start to get some more sleep, we're going to get the nor'easter and i think it's going to be all hands on deck again. >> officials are urging residents in the lowest lying areas to move out of the storm's path. 6:18 is the time right now. let's check in with jacqui jeras, see what the impact could be here. >> yeah, the impact here much lighter compared to what they're going to see up there. they call it a nor'easter because we get the moisture off the atlantic. the winds are coming in from the northeast. but that doesn't mean a blizzard for those folks. keep that in mind. but winds are going to be gusty, between 40 and 60 miles an hour. unfortunately that could be enough to cause more damage and cause some more power outages as well. there you see the storm system itself. we've already got the cloud cover here. we're also seeing some moisture on the delmarva and trying to push its way over the potomac. this is all rain right now, but as our temperatures cool and we get what we call evaporated cooling later today, we do expect to start to see a little snow mixing in. our first flakes of the season
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are expected later on today but little to no accumulation for us, a little bit up towards baltimore and on towards philadelphia. it's 40 degrees at reagan national. 37 at dulles. 37 in manassas. look at hagerstown, 33 degrees. so almost at that freezing mark. 34 degrees in winchester. there are the advisories, winter weather advisories, northeastern maryland, not us. that's the good news, although a little bit on the grassy areas. here's the storm system pulling in the northeasterly winds. it's going to intensify a little bit as it pushes on up towards the north. you can see those isobars those eke back lines of pressure packed very closely together. we'll see windy conditions here with that 25 maybe 30 miles per hour. our forecast for today, cloudy and breezy with light rain and snow especially to the east. our temperatures, fairly steady, upper 30's to lower 40's. for tonight, it will be cloudy with light rain and snow mix with 28 to 34 degrees. we'll show you the seven-day
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forecast with adam caskey, who's watching for the snowflakes. here's out with storm chaser 7 this morning. it's quiet now, adam, but i know you're excited about even just one, if you could see that, huh? >> yeah, i think we'll have a few flakes later on today, like you were talking about. my snow excitement factor is at a one on a scale of one to 10. so that just means a little bit of snow later this afternoon and evening with minor accumulations, just on some grassy surfaces, and that's it. we don't have all that much moisture associated with this system that's going to hit the metro area. down on the eastern shore, closer to baltimore, up towards philadelphia they'll have more moisture and of course, more snowfall. around here, within the ax 7 viewing area -- within the abc 7 viewing area, want a big deal. take a look at the washington monument behind me, especially the beautiful flags, the american flags that surround the monument. notice they have picked up a little bit. normally this time of day, they would be limp and kind of lying
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downward. but they're outstretched with this 10 mile per hour wind. there will be higher gusts through the day as the wind picks up, as the coastal storm the nor'easter, gets cranking off the coastline. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. low impact for us from this system, and looking into the weekend, it's going to be nice. a lot of sun sine, but i hope you're ready for warmer temperatures. look at this, back into the 60's by saturday, especially into sunday with nothing but sun. so warming up, but a little blustery tomorrow. jamee, how's the commute? >> a couple of incidents here and there adam. the snow factor happiness is not 10, i'm glad it's not snowing. good morning, nation's capital. this looks good, pennsylvania avenue, lower 14th street, southeast-southwest freeway, quiet. where we have the problem, still continuing to be quite slow. northbound 95, the crash has now cleared northbound at dumfries, it's on the shoulder, but about a nine-mile slow stretch heading north to this
6:22 am
incident in dumfries, somehow on the shoulder. 210, indian head highway jammed as you pass swan creek road into fort washington still with accident activity. cynne, steve, back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 6:22. you may want to call your airline if you're traveling today. >> not a bad idea. we explain in today's "america's money report." >> good morning, everyone. topping america's money, market reaction to president obama's re-election. overseas markets and u.s. stock futures rose on the news because the uncertainty is still over. but economists are worried about the economic challenges ahead. united and american airlines are suspending all service to the new york area later today ahead of that nor'easter storm that is headed this way. other carriers are waiving their change fees and may cancel flights as well. the u.s. is exporting diesel fuel and gasoline to other countries at historically high levels, and that's helping keep fuel prices here high. the exports are very profitable, but that is fuel
6:23 am
that isn't available to u.s. motorists. and mitt romney and other politicians looking for new careers this morning might take a look at wall street. many former colleagues make millions of dollars working for the financial sector. the president only makes $400,000 a year. that's america's money. i'm paula faris.
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>> 6:256789 more election results. in the missouri senate race,
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incumbent democrat clare mccass still has withstood a challenge. >> the republican drew criticism by commenting on what he called legitimate rape. do you remember that situation? but he took his loss in stride last night. >> so i say, to god alone be the honor and the glory, regardless of how he decides to organize history. >> thousands of volunteers across this state, you decided that you wanted nothing more complicated than your government to reflect your values. >> mccasskill was considered the most vulnerable incouple bent until akin made the controversial remarks back in august. >> democrats scored a victory in the indiana senate race where congressman joe donnelly won. murdoch slipped in the polls after he said during a debate that pregnancy resulting from rape is "something god intended." >> as i look back on this
6:27 am
night, over the weeks, the months, the years ahead i will look back, knowing that i was attacked for standing for my principles. >> we think the most important thing is hoosier common sense going to washington, d.c. >> mourdock also upset some voters for suing to stop the federal auto bailout. >> new hampshire is making history by electing the first-ever all-female delegation. joining new hampshire, incumbent jeanne shaheen and kelly ayotte are three newly elected women. democrats carol shea-porteder and ann mclane kuster were elected to congress. 6:17. still another half-hour of "good morning washington" ahead. >> america goes for four more years. we have reaction from president obama and mitt romney coming up.
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>> ahead at 6:30 -- a brutal battle for the white house ends with america giving president obama four more years. we're talking with our partners at politico about how he won the key states. >> plus, it's a cold start with the potential for, dare we say, some snow as we look at the white house this morning.
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good morning, washington. it's wednesday morning, november 7. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm cynne simpson. rise and shine. we're going to check in with jacqui jeras. >> say the s word, snow. we're probably going to see a little bit of it, but we're talking flakes and flurries, and that's going to be later auto this evening, so not a big deal. your weather headlines, yep, first flakes are expected today, especially east of the metro area. otherwise, a cloudy, windy, and cold day, but hang in there. we get to our coastal storm, and it's going to be warmer by the weekend. let's start you out by showing you the winter weather advisories. one to two, maybe three inches can be expected in maryland. that includes baltimore. but mostly collecting on grassy spots. 37 at dulles. the cold air already in place, and we're going to stay pretty steady with those temperatures throughout the day. the best chance of getting in the light rain and snow will come in later on tonight. that's a look at the forecast. let's check on traffic now this morning with jamee. >> good morning, jacqui. looking around the region,
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beltway still looks quiet from maryland's 270. thought we'd take a peek at southbound out of germantown down to the beltway. that's still pretty decent. but for everyone coming off of frederick, at this point struggling, virginia, interstate 95, but the accident now to the shoulder in dumfries. northbound 95, delays are northbound of 630 courthouse road out of stafford and up toward the triankle. other tough spot is 210 indian head highway crash in the fort washington area. northbound still only a lane getting by, so plan for extra time. cynne, steve back to you. >> 6:32 right now. president obama gets another four years in the white house, scoring a decisive victory over republican mitt romney. very close throughout the early hours. >> the president also charted a course for his second term saying that better days lie ahead. brianne carter live now at the white house. she's got a look back at a historic night. brianne? >> another big night for
6:33 am
president barack obama. it all came down to those battleground states, like many thought it would. and when the announcement of ohio came in obama's favorite, that's when their campaign knew he'd be back for four more years. >> a chicago night of cheers and chants -- thank you. >> as president barack obama celebrates his return to washington to lead the country for four more years. >> we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. nearly sweeping the battleground states including ohio and virginia, the president earned more than 300 electoral votes. during his early-morning victory speech the president told americans he's more determined and more inspired to return to work to fix the economy and create more jobs. the people gathered to celebrate outside the white house and in the streets of the
6:34 am
nation's capital. in massachusetts a much more somber mood. governor mitt romney spoke to supporters after calling to congratulate the president. >> i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader. so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> all across the country we saw people standing in long lines. here in northern virginia and d.c., we heard people waiting two to three hours to vote. when giving his speech last night, the president jokingly said, we've got to fix that. we know he's got a lot of other things to work on here as well. the landscape really on capitol hill, talking about the leadership and the dominant party there in the house and the senate really not changed by the election last night. if you get to work soorning the president returning here to washington this afternoon. reporting live outside the white house, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much, brianne. appreciate your coverage. turning now to battleground virginia democrat tim kaine
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defeated republican george allen in the senate race. kaine received 52% of the vote, keeping the seat in democratic hands. allen was thwarted in his bid to regain the seat he lost six years ago. the two former governors vied for the seat of retiring democratic senator, jim webb. now it may be tougher for virginia to take private property through eminent domain. voters approved a constitutional amendment ensuring private property is only taken for true public use and not given to another private landowner. opponents say it could cost state and local government tens of millions of dollars, and that a 2007 law was sufficient to protect property owners. >> our team coverage continues now in maryland, where voters approved referendums on two key issues legalizing same-sex marriage and expanding gambling. john gonzalez live with more on the impact of those decisions. john? >> steve, this was not an election year for governor martin o'malley here in maryland, but you got to imagine that he's waking up this morning feeling like it
6:36 am
was. a major victory for the governor, and really all the supporters for question four, six, and seven. but i got to tell you two races were extremely close last night and very tight until the very end. you know, even though opponents of same-sex marriage were able to collect nearly three times the signatures needed to put this referendum on the ballot, question six wins with a slight margin. the associated press reporting 52% to 48%. the vote means same-sex marriages can begin next year. it goes into effect officially january 1. now, as for question seven $80 million spent for and against the expansion of gambling, well it passes. as you can imagine, the celebration ran late here at the national harbor, which even included fireworks. maryland will get a new casino. all indications aim toward an m.g.m. grand resort here in prince george's county that will open up in 2016.
6:37 am
the vote also means the addition of table games, like roulette and blackjack. you will start seeing those statewide starting next year. now, question four, the dream act, that was a bit mower of a convincing -- bit more of a convincing win last night. that means the children of undocumented workers can now pay in-state few sandigs go to college. by popular vote, maryland becomes the first state in the country to pass the dream act. reporting live at the national harbor this morning, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> john, thanks so much. for more vote 2012 election results, visit our website at wjla dodd dodd. that includes all of the local race results there. >> 6:37 is the time now, 39 degrees. still ahead, we're talking with our partners at politico.
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>> coming up -- a local woman loses everything in a devastating fire everything except a nagging cable bill for service and equipment that no longer existed. she fought it for more than a year, and then she decided to call in 7 on your side. see what happened when we got the case, tonight at 5:00. >> leon, we'll be tuned in. it's 6:40 right now. across the nation, it seemed
6:41 am
there were long lines at the polls. >> if you were in california you could have enjoyed burger and fries. the mcdonald's in hollywood was a polling site. they turned the booths into a play room. voters in brentwood enjoyed valet parking and a voucher for $15 off at the luxe hotel, which will set you back a couple of bills anyway, but at least you get the discount. oh, the perks of southern california. >> nice. >> yeah, i like both of those ideas. >> and they don't have to worry about snow in the forecast. >> i know. we just wanted the hot chocolate and coffee yesterday. >> i waited for over an hour, but i was actually inside, so i couldn't complain. >> we got lucky that the storm held off until today instead of yesterday, so that's the good news. clouds, a little rain, and a little snow probably mixing in. chief meteorologist doug hill is joining us with the chilly forecast and the details. hey, doug. >> good morning. some of the rain you've been
6:42 am
showing is, in fact, reaching the rain, kind of a wet, cold start outside. let's get you started with some of the temperatures around the area. our chilly start to the wednesday morning, 36 in gaithersburg. 33 in hagerstown. still 40's around the bay. we'll see a very cold day. that's the bottom line. and we'll get some rain and probably a little bit of snow before the day is done. satellite and radar shows the nor'easter under development. it's moving to the northeast pretty quickly. and as a result, we're expecting a little rain mixing with snow. but northeast of our area a couple of inches of snow, where they're under a winter weather advisory. jamee, what's one with traffic? >> thank you so much, doug. so happy right now i can finally give you good news. 210, indian head highway, we've had a long-standing crash. most of the rush hour in fort washington, out of the travel lanes now, but still plan for extra time. tracking delays will put you on the map too. delays are farmington road. ahead of the rush hour, we're
6:43 am
with news chopper 7 tracking the volume out of stafford, north on 95. earlier crash north of triangle and did you mfries now cleared, so starting to see movement. >> thank you jamee. 6:42 right now, 39 degrees. a key swing state pushed president obama to four more years in the white house. >> and we're going to check back in with mike allen.
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>> 6 chop 45 on the time on this wednesday. >> let's check in with jacqui. >> wee been tracking this coastal storm for a couple of days now, and it's finally here. yeah, probably going to see the first snowflakes of the season later on today. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the latest on the coastal storm. hey, doug. >> good morning. let's take a full-screen look
6:46 am
at that satellite and radar map you had behind you, because that shows the developing nor'easter and also shows rain through southern maryland and east of the bay. that's going to be the worst of it, with heavy winds and rain. just a little farther north snow. baltimore and north under a winter weather advisory. this is the map for you. a couple two, three inches of snow by the time it ends later tonight. more snow east of philadelphia. meanwhile, a cold day, 40 degrees in washington, 30's elsewhere. temperatures aren't going to budge all day long. here's our express through this wednesday. we'll call for cloudy skies rain, chilly temperatures, may turn to light snow this afternoon and tonight. the next seven days show big andrufmente. windy day tomorrow, but beyond that, a steady increase in temperatures, sunshine. it will be nice through friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. everything looking nice on the commute? we'll find out from jamee. now back to steve and cynne. >> thanks so much, doug. 6:46 right now. 38 chilly degrees.
6:47 am
we've got your wednesday express coming up. >> up next, a roundup of today's top stories.
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>> i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader, and so ann and i join with you to earnestly
6:50 am
pray for him and for this great nation. >> america voted -- four more years with barack obama. >> not what the romney camp wanted to hear. president obama beating mitt romney by winning more than 300 electoral votes. for more on how the president did it, we're going to bring in politico chief white house correspondent, mike allen. i know you want to talk about, if we're going to see any bipartisanship. let's hear from what the president had to say last night about that topic. >> and in the coming weeks and months i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> mike, the challenge here is the makeup of congress didn't change, so can this work? >> that's a good point. the president last night also said he was going to meet with mitt romney, which i think is something kind of new. he's starting by saying the right things. but there's very tough lines. we're told that the president is -- does not plan to cave on his determination to raise
6:51 am
taxes at the end of the year on people who make $225,000 or more when the bush tax cuts expire. he's going to extend it for the middle class, but not the top earners. the house republicans, you talk about it being status quo. republicans still in charge. he says not only will i not go along with raising taxes on people making $250,000 a year, i won't go along with raising taxes on people who make a million dollars a year. at 3:30 today, speaker boehner is going to go before cameras and say that the only mandate the president got was a mandate to find common ground. we're told that what the produce is going to say when the president gets back, and he's going to be flying back from chicago at about the same time this afternoon, is that his plan is common ground. >> take a look back at last night, such a close race. what ended up tipping the scales for president obama? >> the obama campaign just
6:52 am
outsmarted the romney campaign again and again. one of the things we'll more about is raising money to turn out the voters. if you downloaded their app, you got not only a list of your friends who hadn't voted or hadn't registered, you got their pictures as well. and they found that people were very likely to respond to this. they also set up a program to make it easier for you to give automatically. they used that. and they found out if volunteers how good a volunteer you were, how likely you were. so they measured everything. that's part behalf came up with contests that raised so much money for the dinner with barack program. >> sure. less than 30 seconds what did the romney camp do wrong then? >> they laid back in the summer. they spent too much time raising money from big donors
6:53 am
who didn't have a plan, raising money from smaller donors, which in the social media age is really important. by the time they started buying tv advertising, by the time they come up with a message, people in those credit cat states ohio, wisconsin, even to some degree here in battleground virginia, people already knew what they thought of mitt romney. when his ads came on, it was too late. >> mike allen -- >> super p.a.c.'s, the big losers. >> they really are. they spent a billion dollars, and they don't have much to show for t. >> mike allen playing wednesday morning quarterback for us. great job to you and your colleagues at politico, thanks. 6:53 right now. it is very chilly as well, 39 degrees. time for our wednesday express. >> we're going to begin with a live roundup of today's top stories. brianne carter live outside the white house this morning. >> president barack obama will be back here at the white house for four more years after winning re-election late last night. early this morning, he gave a victory speech in chicago, an excited room with cheers and chants erupting. the president winning after nearly sweeping all those
6:54 am
battleground states. mitt romney calling the president to congratulate him. the president expected to be back here in washington later this afternoon. >> brianne three major issues on the maryland ballot and three major victories for the governor and supporters of questions four, six, and seven. the dream act passes with big numbers. as for question six, same-sex marriage, and question seven, the expansion of gambling, well they were very close, but they win in the end. here at the national harbor we can expect an m.g.m. grand resort and casino in about four years. jummy? >> john, we're getting a first look at newspaper covers from across the country this morning. the first one up, the bakersfield california. you see it right there, "obama prevails." next up, "the oakland tribune," "observe rolls." the "denver post," "fired up." the "new haven register," true blue victory." lastly, our own "washington post," "obama." steve and cynne, back to you.
6:55 am
>> great resource online. here are the things you need to know before you leave this morning. >> the california man behind the anti-muslim film that set off all the protests in the middle east is expected in court today. today's hearing will determine whether mark youssef violated his probation in a bank fraud case. >> d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will visit fort totten park tonight inspect temporary lights between the metro and a nearby neighborhood. >> and coolidge high school in d.c. is closed today. the building has no heat. for more information on any of our top stories, visit our website,, and look for the wednesday express tab. >> it's 6:55 right now. let's get a check on the forecast. >> adam caskey joins us now. good morning. >> hey, good morning. live at the national mall, just a few steps away from the beautiful washington monument. it's cold, hoe degrees right now. clouds have moved in. a little bit of light rain on the eastern shore and down in southern maryland. and later on today, we're expecting some areas of snow.
6:56 am
here's a quick rundown of the temperatures, then we'll jump into the forecast. some 30's out there, especially in outlying suburbs. we've got readings down in the 30's. 36 in gaithersburg. here's jacqui with the forecast. >> the temperatures are not going to budge today that's for sure. we're going to stay in the upper 30's to lower 40's. rain and snow mix, best chance comes in later today, and best chance the further east you live, the more likely you are to get some of that rain and snow. baltimore could see an inch or so. let's check on traffic real quick. >> good morning, jacqui. better news for 210 indian head highway commuters. the accident gone near fort washington. it's to the shoulder. however, big delays. if you're heading out, just be aware. beltway slows at college park to silver spring. now let's get back to the news desk. >> expect the commute to last long they are morning. a lot of folks slept in because they were up late watching returns last night. that will do it for "good morning washington" on this wednesday morning. a full edition of "good morning
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